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Upon learning that Ozai was prepared to kill Zuko per Azulon's orders, Ursa masterminded a plan to help Ozai assume the throne under the condition that he spare Zuko's life. Using her knowledge of medicinal herbs, Ursa created an imperceptible poison to kill Azulon, which led to her banishment from the capital for treason.

Ursa returned to Hira'a shortly after her banishment, where she was reunited with Ikem, who had since undertaken a new identity as Noren. To protect herself from any further threats from Ozai, Ursa sought out the Mother of Faces in Forgetful Valley and requested a new face. Furthermore, the Mother of Faces altered her memories, so she forgot any memories associated with her life with Ozai in her new life as Noriko. The two returned to Hira'a where they married and eventually had a daughter, Kiyi.

The Mother of Faces returned Ursa's face and memories shortly after the end of the Hundred Year War, when Zuko and Team Avatar went in search of her. She was last seen recalling her years of banishment to Zuko.

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