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Water Tribe emblem

Water Tribes

The national emblem of the Water Tribes is a circle comprised of a crescent moon and three wavy horizontal lines. The symbol is representative of the relationship between the Moon and Ocean Spirits, who exist in perfect harmony with one another.
Earth Kingdom emblem

Earth Kingdom

The national emblem of the Earth Kingdom, in turn, is a square inscribed with a circle with a much smaller square located in the center. The insignia symbolizes both the literal and figurative depth of the Earth Kingdom, along with the earth it manipulates. Moreover, it represents the depth of the citizens' commitment and strive towards a peaceful and cooperative way of life.
Fire Nation emblem

Fire Nation

The national emblem of the Fire Nation is a teardrop shaped flame forked into a trident of three tongues that taper upward to a point. The insignia is a symbol of power and strength, and as such, it is proudly displayed on flags, uniforms, and on various vehicles of war. The symbol is also used to show Fire Nation territory.
Air Nomads emblem

Air Nomads

The national emblem of the Air Nomads is a swirling orb. The coiling lines placed within the circle represent the wind, the bending principle practiced by the entire population.
URN icon

United Republic of Nations

The national emblem of the United Republic of Nations is not of any specific shape or form. It is similar to a pentagon with a circle in the middle and also with a leg on the left and the right side.

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