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Are there any changes to this Anwers Wiki that you would like to request/comment on? Edit

Water Spout:
I think it looks relatively similar to the previous layout. The poll is a nice touch, however, and I LOVE the View a Random Question tab. Maybe add a Featured Question option, or maybe find a way to pick out the questions with the least word answers- because the answers are most likely incomplete or too general- so that it's easier to see what needs to be edited the most? Maybe also put up the most famous tags or question types that people ask.

OnionBananaJuice: Featured question section added.

OnionBananaJuice: Hot Topics section added.

OnionBananaJuice: Status bar added.

Omnibender: I just don't like it when I compare different revisions of a page, the white letters on yellow is very hard on the eyes.

OnionBananaJuice: I agree, the new colour scheme doesn't work with candidate for deletion template, either. I think User:The 888th Avatar has the power to make those changes.

Water Spout: Also, is there a way to make the foreword bigger in the front page? It doesn't stand out from the rest. I bet that if it's more noticeable, we'll have a lot less duplicates floating around. More so, are there chances of a new background coming out soon?

OnionBananaJuice: What do you mean by foreword?

Water Spout: The little paragraph which says not to repeat questions and what not. And might i ask, where exactly is the status bar?

OnionBananaJuice: It is possible to make it bigger, though I'm not sure whether it will make a difference to users repeating questions, and I think it will look odd in the current layout. For the status-bar, I highlighted the top bullet-point, with the intention of it being updated to alert users of changes - the current bullet-point would then drop to the next bulletpoint below.

'OnionBananaJuice: Extras' section added. Renamed 'Hot topics' to 'Top categories'.

OnionBananaJuice: What does everyone think of a 'Spotlight' category for questions that need attention...?

Water Spout: I've already suggested a similar idea previously. I would like for that, yes.

'OnionBananaJuice: My apologies. Spotlight' category added. Linked 'Answer random question' to 'spotlight' category. Added button 'Answer a new question', which links to unanswered questions.

Civilization: Well, a chat system of-course. ^^

Mister Avatar: The recent change in the redirected page where it says my question was a duplicate, even though it was not ( I tried searching it and no results were found ). Well, we could just put a link before asking a question and the link should contain the foreword and the bar where a user types a question, that way the user's attention is centered at the foreword, or we could just put the foreword closer to the bar.

The 888th Avatar: Hi all. I've fixed some of the weird things happening the colour scheme. It appears Wikia decided to change things while I wasn't paying attention.

Darkseid253: tsomeone should delete the dozens of stupid "is bending real" type stuff

OnionBananaJuice: @Darkseid, If we delete them, more appear. It is best to leave them or redirect them, otherwise another perosn is going to ask exactly the same question.

What should be the next featured question? Edit

[Water Spout] One about where Ursa is would be good. It might decrease the number of questions we get daily about her. You could also do one of the "How do I bend?" questions, as we get those quite frequently as well.

[OnionBananaJuice] I don't think that should be the main use of the featured question. A featured question should give an example of a question and/or answer of high quality.

[Water Spout] Well, then, I quite like this question, as well as this question.

[Anr0328] I think thee next question should be: Do you like Zuko as a bad guy? Or other?

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