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The Fire Nation and Nazi Germany are similar in many ways. Particularly, both the Fire Nation Royal Family and the Nazi leaders used similar techniques to consolidate control over their respective subjects.

  • Propaganda and indoctrination were commonplace and used to maintain support. Many aspects of everyday life, such as education, centered around the promotion of supranationalism and the glorification of government.
  • Oftentimes, nationalism was used to justify imperialism and aggressive, war-like actions. Notably, Hitler justified the need to occupy several European countries in order to "unify all German peoples" while Sozin claimed that the Fire Nation needed to "share its wealth with the rest of the world".
  • Interestingly, both Hitler and Ozai retreated to underground bunkers in times of danger. More so, both leaders were protected by elite paramilitary groups, notably the SS and the Imperial Firebenders, respectively.
  • Both nations were among the most advanced of the time, in terms of both militaristic and scientific advancements. The Nazis used advanced weaponry and battle strategies during wartime much like the Fire Nation, which introduced tundra tanks, war balloons, and airships as part of modern warfare.
  • Another example is the genocide of cultures through mass murder. The Holocaust of the Nazi regime primarily targeted the Jewish population in occupied areas held by the Nazis, while in Avatar the Last Airbender, the Fire Nation is depicted as involved with the mass murder of the Air Nomads.

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