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Can Avatars learn the sub-skills of the four elements?

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Avatars are capable of learning the specialized bending techniques within the four bending arts given that they acquire sufficient tutelage and develop a deep understanding of each element's fundamental principles. Avatars who have used some form of specialized bending technique during their lives are as follows.

  • Avatar Korra is capable of healing and metalbending; she exhibited the former when she treated Bolin after a pro-bending match and the latter when Suyin was teaching her in Zaofu.
  • Avatar Aang was capable of seismic sense; he exhibited this ability in several instances following formal instruction from Toph Beifong. He was also capable of lightning redirection; he exhibited this ability in his final duel with Ozai.
  • The unnamed fire Avatar, Kyoshi, and Roku were all capable of lavabending; all of the aforementioned Avatars used this ability to affect large landmasses and geographical features.

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