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Benders who have mastery over their respective bending arts can manipulate elements without the use of their limbs through several different methods, most of which involve channeling chi away from the limbs and toward other areas of the body.

One method of bending involves the use of simple facial gestures to control an element. During the Day of Black Sun, King Bumi used his face to attract several earth shards toward his body, effectively pulling them with enough force to bend the metal cage in which he was contained. Facial bending also led Yakone to develop psychic bloodbending, a specialized technique within waterbending which depends solely on mental strength and minute facial cues in order to perform.

With the exception of earthbending, the bending arts can also be used through the manipulation of breathing. More specifically, waterbenders can freeze the moisture in the air surrounding them through their breaths much like how airbenders can conjure strong gusts of wind through the same means. As breathing is also an essential component of firebending, master firebenders can essentially mimic a dragon and generate a breath of fire by mixing the air from their lungs with a flame they produce, resulting in a large blast of fire capable of subduing several opponents at once.

A small number of firebenders also have the capacity to channel their chi through a specialized third eye, allowing them to ignite objects with their mind by a process known as combustion. The technique leads to the projection of a ray of heat that detonates with great force, producing situated explosions with a great deal of precision.

Despite the methods aforementioned, most benders depend almost exclusively on their limbs in order to facilitate bending. The only known individual to rely completely on other means is Ming-Hua, a female criminal without arms who uses her torso to waterbend.

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