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The mastery level of airbending involves these moves:

Air blades: A more offensive move than is typical of airbending principle, this involves a focus slicing air current that can cut through stone or timber with relative ease. This is frequently conjured with a staff rather than the body, using the narrow profile of the object to create a more focused and precise air movement. This move could prove fatal if used on an individual.

Air cocoon: A master airbender can rotate while jumping to wrap themselves in a cocoon of wind. This was demonstrated by Tenzin to dodge one of Ming-Hua's ice spikes and protected him from a potentially fatal combustion blast from P'Li. This technique utilizes an airbender's trademark fluid and dynamic movement style.

Air spout: Similar to the water spout, master airbenders are able to rotate and control the direction of the air spout enough to levitate them off the ground and remain in the air for as long as they wish to or can maintain it. First shown by Aang when he, enraged and in the Avatar State, rose into the air to destroy General Fong's base with a wave of earth. Avatar Roku also demonstrated it by using it to get to eye level with Fire Lord Sozin (who was suspended in the air with only an earth column to keep him from falling to his death) and deliver a final warning.

Air vortex: A spinning funnel of air of various sizes. This can be used to trap and disorient opponents or as a potent defense since it will deflect and repel any objects and can even throw them back at an opponent (as demonstrated by Aang in his duel with Bumi, the air column easily throwing aside a boulder the size of a bus). In Avatar State an air vortex can reach winds up to 125 miles per hour.

Air wake: By running in a circle and instantly building huge momentum, a master airbender can shoot a blast of compressed air shaped like the user's body at a target. This move seems to have great concussive force. It was first used by Aang in the Crystal Catacombs.

Asphyxiation: Much like waterbenders can control the fluids inside a person's body, an airbender can manipulate the flow of air within a person's respiratory system, removing it by extracting it from the nostrils and mouth and preventing any air from entering the lungs. Demonstrated by Zaheer on the Earth Queen Hou-Ting, this technique has lethal consequences, killing the victim by suffocation.

Levitation: In the same way flying bison can fly and stay aloft for extended periods of time, a master airbender can achieve this same feat by generating and controlling air currents to form a 'cloud' like board under their feet and surfing through the air, thereby emulating flight.

Mini-tornado: This is a smaller scaled version of the air vortex which airbending masters can use as a means of both combat and transport. By encircling themselves in a spiraling air current, masters can travel at high speeds and even ascend near-vertical drops as shown by Aang during the battle of Wulong Forest where he narrowly avoids a lightning blast from Fire Lord Ozai by creating a mini-tornado and moving to the top of a rock column. Aang was also seen wielding this maneuver on the offensive against the Combustion Man at the Western Air Temple where he summoned the tornado with a kick in mid-air to conjure a powerful ranged attack.

Tornado: This technique requires several airbenders to work together in order to maintain it. The technique was used by Jinora and other airbenders to save Korra while she was being attacked by Zaheer.

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